Why choose GTA Tooth Fairy instead of going to regular a dental office?

Our services are more affordable, accommodating and comfortable than visits to a standard dental clinic.

Don't I still need to see a dentist?

The average adult patient has a cleaning 3 to 4 times a year. You do still need to see a dentist to have check-up x-rays done, along with a cavity check every 1 to 2 years; however, by using our services, you can decrease the amount of visits to a dental office from 6 to 8 times in a 2-year period to just one.

What is the difference between a hygienist and a dentist?

It is common to assume that hygienists are less qualified for teeth cleanings than dentists; however, dentists and hygienists simply have different jobs. Dentists fix teeth, while hygienists are trained to clean them.

Is this sanitary?

We use state of the art sterilization techniques just like any other medical practice. The difference is that mine is at home. I use a statim autoclave for steam sterilization. All instruments are presoaked in enzymatic solution to breakdown any organic material, including blood. The instruments are then rinsed and dried, bagged and sterilized for a full 10 minute cycle at 135 degrees Celsius. They then dry for 1 hour. The bags themselves have indicators to show temperature reached proper level to ensure proper sterilization. I also use indicator strips in each load and biological indicators weekly to make sure all of the equipment is working properly.

Can the equipment fit in a small room?

We only require an 8’ by 8’ space in order to set up our equipment.

Do I need to leave my regular dentist?

No, you can do teeth cleanings with GTA Tooth Fairy, and dental work with your regular dentist.

What if I don't have a dentist?

We can refer you to a fully accessible general dentist, if you need one.

Do you accept insurance benefits?

Yes, we accept a variety of insurance plans. Payment is expected in full at the end of your appointment. You are reimbursed shortly afterwards by your insurance company. We accept cash, cheque and credit card as a form of payment. Currently, we do not accept Interac.

Why do I need to get my teeth cleaned?

Most adults are recommended to have their teeth professionally cleaned by a registered dental hygienist anywhere from every 6 months to every 3 months. The recommendation is based on numerous factors: the health of the patient how well the patient is performing their home care how much plaque and tartar they form (which can also depend on age and family history) how at risk they are for cavities if there is already an underlying gingival or periodontal disease You can't really have your teeth cleaned too often. The problem arises when patients wait TOO long in between their cleanings because plaque and tartar are then able to build up and make periodontal disease progress faster.