GTA Tooth Fairy brings dental hygiene services to corporate offices. This is convenient for employers and employees alike.

How We Benefit You

Show your employees you care about their time and well-being

Decrease employee absenteeism by providing on-site service that typically spans a full day

We are non-intrusive we only require an 8’ by 8’ space

We accept insurance benefits

Our Services


Assessment of blood pressure and medical/dental history

Screenings for oral cancer and gingival or periodontal diseases


Plaque and tartar removal by hand and ultrasonic scaling

Needle-free topical anesthetic

Polishing & Fluoride

Polishing to remove stains

Fluoride for desensitization and cavity protection

Patient Education

Instruction on how to brush and floss efficiently

Nutritional counselling for patients with acid erosion and tobacco cessation counselling available